Speaking on 9/11

15 minute clip of Artie speaking at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA on September 11, 2014

When Artie shares his story of 9/11 he vividly transports his audiences back to the day that changed our lives and our country forever. His audiences come away with not only a more intimate understanding of the events of that day but also with a personal glimpse of how his life was dramatically changed forever. High school and college students, especially, respond to Artie’s story with heartfelt gratitude; thanking him for giving them a very real perspective of 9/11 that history books fail to provide.

Audience Feedback

I was one of the luckiest students alive to have the privilege of listening to you speak at my school. Hearing your first-hand account of what you experienced on 9/11 really opened up my eyes, ears, and heart. I realized that, despite what textbooks may portray, 9/11 just isn’t a date in history. Too often students, like myself, are told what happened, why it happened and the number of people who died. But today I was able to make a connection between the event and a fellow human being who really felt the tragedy and witnessed something truly horrific.

I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude and admiration I feel towards you; for helping those around you during the attack, sharing your story with my school, overcoming your grief, and being such a giving person. I admit I shed tears today, many more than I was expecting. I will continue to pray to God that one day I will be able to be as much of a generous and compassionate person as you are.
▬ Kelsey Bomboy, student, Manheim Township High School

Artie Van Why’s portrayal of September 11 was absolutely riveting, not only for his incredibly detailed recollection of that horrific day, but also due to his own reflections on how that day continuously shapes his life. His talk was truly the most captivating Common Hour talk I’ve ever attended.
▬ Stephanie Fenhagen ’15, Franklin & Marshall College