“That Day in September” – The Book


Artie adapted his play into this poignant memoir; which is available on Amazon (4.4 out of 5 stars). Artie’s story, told through the written word, is full of raw emotion and honesty. While this is only one man’s account, it is powerful and imparts indelible and heartrending imagery of that day almost too horrible to remember, yet too important to forget.


This short memoir was heartbreaking, beautiful, haunting, and candid – I think everyone should buy this book and read it, and honour those who were lost that day in September, and remember how lucky we are to be here. Thank you, Mr. Van Why, for sharing your story with the world. Your courage is inspiring.
— Ramblings of a Daydreamer

This book is absolutely the most humbling book I’ve ever read. The way in which Artie has perfectly written this personal tribute and memoir is reflective, overwhelming, amazing and is a piece of history which I will keep on my bookshelves and pass on to my very young son to help him understand what actually happened on that day, and for us all to look back at in years to come. This tribute from Artie Van Why is simply perfect!
— Kim the Book Worm