Artie Van Why Shares His Story of 9/11



Nick Gould Photography, Lancaster, PA

For Artie Van Why, 9/11 is not just a chapter in our history books. For him, 9/11 is when his life, as he knew it, was indelibly changed forever. Artie wasn’t watching the events unfold on TV; as most of America, and the world, were that morning. He was in New York; standing on Church Street before the World Trade Center.

As a 9/11 eyewitness, Artie has pledged to share his story of that fateful morning as a Playwright, an Author and, first and foremost, a Public Speaker. As Artie’s speaking engagements increase, he is being recognized for his captivating narrative; transporting his audiences back to the events of that morning as if they were right there beside him.

And as a 9/11 survivor, he shares the struggles we all face after tragedy, trauma or loss. We all grieve and Artie found there are no easy answers. Grieving takes as long as it takes. There is no timetable.


speaking-homeSince 2003 Artie has shared his story with a variety of schools, groups and organizations.

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The Play

Artie first told his story in That Day In September; the one man play he wrote and performed.

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The Book

book-homeAfter leaving New York, Artie adapted his play into a memoir published in 2006.

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